Fast & Consecration


Resurrection Nation!

Let’s start the year off, leaning in! going after everything GOD has for us. The leadership (Clergy, Prayer Team, Pastors) is on a 7 day liquid fast, on the 7th day (Wednesday Jan 16th 6AM) we will join The church on the 21 day prayer and consecration. Until January 30th 6AM we will follow the Daniel Meal Plan. We encourage you to abstain from any media that’s not feeding your Spirit Man. Pray, worship, read The Word and get into the presence of God. Social Media is fine as long as you are consuming and/or posting items that feed the Spirit Man and/or are for evangelical purposes, however limit your time. Encounter GOD like never before.


You can find a link to the Daniel Meal Plan Here


Why are we fasting and consecrating? We are praying to continue being a Church marked by the Miracles, Signs and Wonders of Jesus Christ. To fulfill the mission, vision, purpose and charge assigned to our hands. We pray that the precise will of the Father be executed on earth, as it is in heaven. Here are a few scriptures on fasting.


Isaiah 58:6

Ezra 8:23

Matthew 6:17-18

Joel 2:12


Love, Peace and Power!