January Fast

For the Unsaved, for the Land, for The Supernatural Move of God, For Strength, Clarity, Unity and DOUBLE Harvest. We FAST, PRAY and CONSECRATE ourselves unto Jesus. As we eliminate all distractions, GOD will reset and renew us from the inside out for 2020 and BEYOND!!! Let’s GOOO!!! Isaiah 58:6-11

  • No Social Media outside of Resurrection Social Pages 
  • No entertainment of any kind (for the duration of fast)
  • Your focus is Prayer, Study (can include writing out vision for 2020) Praise, Worship and Meditation
  • Read The Word, Books and Articles for Spiritual Growth
  • No Sweets or junk food (for the duration of fast)
  • No relations with wife/husband according to 1 Corinthians 7:5 KJV
  • Get into the presence of GOD
  • Water Only From 6AM to 6PM – Monday Jan 13, 6AM – Wed Jan 22, 6PM
  • After 6PM you may eat in moderation

*For those with health concerns or taking scheduled medications that require food please follow the instructions provided by your health professional. Do your best to follow the guidelines of the fast and consecration.

Got Questions? Reach out to ResurrectionNation@gmail.com