Lady Sha’Da A. Taylor

LadyShaDaLady Sha’Da A. Taylor is a born again believer of Jesus Christ. Her life was transformed from a mediocre wavering church goer to a passionate, steadfast, courageous and humble disciple of God with a “no excuses” mindset to serve and live for God who saved and changed her life. Upon walking fully into the faith, Lady Sha’Da reached a point in her life where nothing else would satisfy her hunger and her cry for freedom, joy and purpose except for the giving of her life to Christ in total submission to His will.

Shortly after doing so and seeking His purpose for her life, He divinely allowed her to meet her husband, Pastor Marcus A. Taylor June 5th 2010 and their love story began. They were married June 5th, 2011 and Lady Sha’Da gave birth to their beautiful daughter Judah Cadence Taylor June 14th, 2014 who is an example of prophecy fulfilled in their lives. Lady Sha’Da’s walk with the Lord has truly been an “Apostle Paul Experience.” Upon graduating from college the Lord took her on an accelerated course from a church going believer, to a position of leadership in the faith called upon to minister, teach, pray, dance, lay hands and to heal in Jesus’ name. After walking in her calling, she remembered a prophecy from a minister of a church she visited years before while in college. The prophecy was simply that she would have a “Paul Experience.” Unsure of what that meant at the time and truly unsure of how prophecy worked since she did not grow up in the church she didn’t think much of it until the Holy Ghost brought it back to her remembrance that she walking in direct prophecy.

Lady Sha’Da is also a licensed minister, she holds a B.S in Exercise Science, she is a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Nutrition Professional. She uses her professional degree and certifications to improve the health and fitness of Christians through personal training, and nutrition coaching through her wellness program called Harmoniously Fit Inc. designed to bring balance and the understanding of “temple preservation” to believers as we build up and fortify the Spirit Man. She is a testimony of how “YES LORD” brings about TRUE PURPOSE and DIVINE STRENGTH.