Pastor Rachel Rae


Pastor Rachel Rae is a woman of Worship, the Word and Warfare Prayer. She is the wife of Pastor Darion D. Johnson and the biological sister of Lead Pastor, Marcus A. Taylor. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she spent her early childhood in the Bay Area of California. She was installed March 2010 as Pastor of Women’s Ministries and was later transitioned to Pastor of World Outreach in July 2018. She is a state licensed and ordained Minister and holds several certifications in the secular and Christian sectors.

Pastor Rachel Rae is the founder of an International Women’s Outreach called the Sisterly Love Connection. Her heavily diverse background has enabled her to unapologetically witness Jesus Christ on street corners via megaphone, praying, reading the scriptures and holding up signs of hope about the Lord.

As Pastor of World Outreach, she has established an early portfolio of philanthropy and humanitarianism, including but not limited to; feedings, donations, career & residence assistance, human traffic advocacy, shelter volunteer work, school visits, and nursing homes. Pastor Rachel’s latest assignment is her yearly mission trips through the, “Christ For The City” Organization. As a woman of the Word, she participates in on-going studies at, Northeast Ohio Bible College and has included pursuit of her Master’s Degree in Historical & Theological Studies.

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