Pastor Rachel Rae

Pastor Rachel Rae is a woman of Worship, the Word and Warfare Prayer. She is the wife of Pastor Darion D. Johnson and the biological sister of Lead Pastor, Marcus A. Taylor at Resurrection Church On the Rock. She spent her early childhood in the Bay Area of California, later returning to her birth place of Clev, Oh. Pastor Rae was State licensed and ordained in March 2010 as, “Pastor of Women’s Ministries,” where she was trained and installed by Elder Letia Nichols and Apostle Erwin Taylor, she served for 9 yrs. During that tenure, she founded a women’s ministry in 2012 called, “The Sisterly Love Connection,” bringing women together through Christ, now overseeing women in 9 states, India and El Salvador.

In July 2018, God called her to International Ministry, being transitioned to “Pastor of World Outreach.” As Pastor of World Outreach, she has established an early portfolio of weekly philanthropy and humanitarianism, including, but not limited to; feedings, donations, career assist, human traffic advocacy, shelter volunteer work, school visits, nursing homes and bringing awareness as a “Voice” with the organization, Voice of the Martyrs for persecuted Christians.

Rachel recently ministered to over 800 people in El Salvador, preaching salvation, counseling and laying hands on the sick. As a woman of the Word, she continues her Biblical education under Northeast Ohio Bible College, she is a Certified Christian Counselor, a mother of 3, a loving friend but most of all, A SERVANT, and will never forget it!

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